Space Invaders are... Flooding!
Honor, hope, Portals, pyramids OR destruction, death, Hellgates, dinner?

Welcome to Draco, a world of heroes and warlords, a world of endless
possibilities! To play Draco, all you need is a web browser; no
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The impending Flood invasion is near! Be very, very, afraid.

Re: Assimilate. Evolve. Eradicate!

After kicking the asses of all the Asgardians, the Avatar decided that they've earned a nap, so they sleep for 69 years. The events of Xeno Tactics begin when the Avatar wake up. They are very hungry, and since the remaining Asgardians will not freely offer themselves up as food, war ensues.

The invaders have a hive mind, which allow them to communicate using telepathy, enabling them to formulate attack plans and strategies. Highly efficient killers with the sole purpose of eating all living, the Avatar, now calling themselves The Flood, are a symbiotic species which assimilated millions of hosts throughout the galaxy, on their good ol' days. The invaders are arguably the only things stupider than your average Space Marine. But who needs brains when The Flood can consume entire enemy bases in half the time the Guardians do?

  Examples of The Flood structures, evolutions and kick-ass warriors

The Flood devours unsuspecting alien organisms with the purpose of assimilating them into the 'Awesomeness'. They are highly selective and chose only the most advanced strains. In that regards, humans are safe... The Flood origins are unknown; some say they were always 'here' because of their sudden appearance from deep underground, as if they were waiting for a sign. It is thought that the sign was the evolution of the intelligent life itself.

The Hive, representing the primary drives and instincts of Avatar strains, has powerful defenses. Unwavering surface hunters with sharp weapons and hardened armors stand ready to defend it with their very lives, providing the perfect example of the fanatic and sadistic nature of The Flood. In space, countless winged nightmares will drive off attackers and then follow them home, undetected, linking the Hellgates to new potential hosts.

The Flood feeds on natives, uses energy from the sun to power their incredible metabolisms and drinks argon (a green gas in a high-energy state which they need in order to stay alive.) Evolution is never complete for The Flood! Bloodthirsty to the extreme, the ravenous aliens will always seek out new ways to further evolve their children and make them more efficient stalkers. Having intimate knowledge of the galaxy, The Flood will not stop until every last Guardian is dead or assimilated. It's a dark Avatar-eats-Altarian-eats-Flood-eats-Guardian-world out there, and time is running out...

Defend That Which Matters The Most

As a Guardian, you will start the game acting as a leader of a Resistance outpost. You and other Guardians are the Altarian elite, the last resort. You are the best! You have seen many suns and planets, even the hidden Terra, which is far from being *just* a legend. But we all need to buy our mother Earth time... Time to rebuild, time to design the Ultimate Weapon that will repel the alien invasion, once and for all.

Until this day, you have fought well within the Altarian forces, but now you're on your own. You've chosen your planet; you've made your arrangements, now it's time to fulfill your destiny. No regrets! The Resistance will be remembered and the Guardians defending the lost Terra with their very lives shall forever live in the memories of your children. For you are... legendary!

  Examples of Guardian structures, technologies and Resistance units

  1. Your skills and limits will be put to the test in Xeno Tactics by allowing yourself to experience a new level in browser based gaming. Set foot on all those planets you've only fantasized about.

  2. You will also be able to research technologies that will allow you to move ahead of your competition and ultimately, challenge everyone on the galaxy, for only one can achieve the title of Supreme Invader.

  3. On the ground, your troops will travel to other realms through a system of Portals. In space, powerful carriers will transport your mighty ships. You're not alone in the universe! See the map for a clear view over both friends and haters.

  4. Rebuild your resistance outpost then create new, better ones! Forge alliances, trade, spy and ultimately wage war to ensure the continuity of hidden Terra. Don't let yourself be assimilated by The Flood. And, finally, become... legendaaary!

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