Cool Stuff you Really, Really Need to Know about Asgard Heroes
Travel to other worlds through Stargates...

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Safer is Better
You can upgrade each soldier's ATTRIBUTES (Hit Points, Damage, Counter-attack) at the Armor Barracks, for enhanced efficiency in combat. The more units you have, the better the upgrades will work for you. Just so you know, upgrades are researched individually for each type of unit.

stargate game defense buildings

You can also add an defensive bonuses to your troops/fleet by upgrading the Ground Batteries and the Wraith Pylon. The batteries give 1% Counter-attack bonus per level, improving that specific attribute of all your units, while the Wraith Pylon will add 1% Hit Points bonus per level. Each structure has 30 upgrades, providing a +30% specific bonus at their maximum level.

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