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game advisor Food for All
Only hours later, the previously mentioned production facilities are rebuilt and you can now fix the... what are they called? Oh, yes, the E.D.E.N. Farms. The hydroponic farms and the other production facilities give out resources on an hourly basis. The higher their level, the more resources they will produce.

stargate game production facilities

You will need to constantly extend the farms and mines to ensure a continuous shipment of raw materials. Increasing overall production should be your no. 1 priority. Before repairing any other buildings, you ought to upgrade the resource fields one level, to increase your resource supply.

For fast access to production facilities, click 'Production' in the top menu. Then click on each of the 8 E.D.E.N. Farms to extend them to Level 2. Do this now...

Hydroponic Farms were upgraded to Level 2 arrow next

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