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game advisor Not Enough Houses!
You see the ruins of several hydroponic farms down the hill to your left. However, before you can repair them you will first need to construct houses for your workers. New structures will require additional Upkeep* and the engineers you brought with you are clearly overrun.

*The upkeep (maintenance) is displayed in the top-right corner of the screen
(available at start: 5 houses), before the Morale percentage:

asgard heroes housing space

The building upgrades and the number of units you can have is limited by the number of houses you own. To build more houses, you have to first go back to Colony View. Click on your outpost name in the menu at the top.

asgard heroes build timer

Once you've located Housing, all you have to do is click on it and then wait. A timer will appear on the left side of the screen revealing how much time is left until job completion. A building in the queue will be constructed only after the previous ones are completed. The countdown is cumulative with the previous completion times.

You're still here? Go now, repair the houses and then we can talk some more.

Okay, I've rebuilt the houses arrow next

arrow next I want to start over

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