Cool Stuff you Really, Really Need to Know about Asgard Heroes
Travel to other worlds through Stargates...

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Notes And Stuff
Almost everything... As you progress through time (and space), constructions will take longer to complete. Expand the Asgard to build faster; repair the Architects Bay to reduce building costs by -1% for each level.

Each day you're missing from your post, people get confused and don't know what to do...
Avoid this by signing in frequently to give your subjects new tasks to do.

  1. Change your Profile Description from the bottom menu (click Profile).
  2. Name your colony from the bottom menu at Outposts (click Edit).
  3. Soldiers and ship officers eat food and occupy houses when stationary.
  4. You can downgrade your opponent structures with Disturbias or Valhallas.

  5. You can assign anyone to watch your account while you're away from your Profile. Click 'Edit Account', enter your friend's name in the Watcher case, type down your password, and then hit 'Save Changes' to confirm.

You migh also be interested in Ascended Dolphin's Raider Guide (for advanced players).

What if I have other questions? Well, if it burns, post on the Chat.
Answer guaranteed! Now, go ahead, enjoy the game... Dismissed!

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