Cool Stuff you Really, Really Need to Know about Asgard Heroes
Travel to other worlds through Stargates...

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Exploring The Map
The fastest way to gain resources and to rise in Stats (link at the top menu displaying Player Rankings) is to raid inactive players and the resource mines on the map. To get started, click MAP on the top menu.

You can see if the owner of an outpost is inactive by clicking on his colony and then checking the 'Last Visit' entry inside his Profile page. If the player is inactive, go ahead and raid them, and maybe you'll get yourself a long-term 'farm' (a colony that can be raided indefinitely for resources).

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In addition, the mines on the map provide resources when raided. There are three mine types and they each differ in amount of resources that can be store inside. The mines will slowly renew their resources as time goes by.

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