Cool Stuff you Really, Really Need to Know about Asgard Heroes
Travel to other worlds through Stargates...

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game advisor Introduction
An abandoned military facility awaits your command on the surface of a barren planet. You take a quick look around, unsure what to do... Someone notifies you that the colonists are starving. There is indeed a food supply of 1700 units available, but you are requested to acquire new food for your people. This is your first test... Welcome to Asgard!

Let's have a look at the RESOURCE BAR below...

asgard resource bar

There are 5 types of resources in the game: food, erythium, argon, energy and money (Credits). A careful balance between the first four and the fifth resource is the key to creating and maintaining a thriving economy. Upgrades for the first four resources can be acquired at the 'Production' window.

Money can be obtained from taxes collected at the Asgard and houses (6/5) can be built at Housing. We will talk about money later. For now, here is your first task arrow next

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